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​Think Differently is Ireland’s first ecosystem recruitment consultancy dedicated to delivering opportunities in the workplace for the Media and Communications Industry


Having opened our eyes to the world and possibilities of remote working, Covid has not only taught us about where we work, but about how, when, why and much, much more. With many having to up-skill, change industries or even “reinvent” themselves during this time, we’re starting to learn so much more about ourselves, our skills and our capabilities. 

At Think Differently, we want to embrace this change and encourage employers to adjust their thinking when it comes to hiring talent. We want employers and employees alike to benefit from smarter ways of working, and to change the way in which we see and understand various skill sets in the industry. We want to widen job specs, encourage diversity and create space for all types of backgrounds and abilities. We also want to give back, so for every candidate placed through our agency, this in turn will assist someone earlier in the career through scholarship funding.

 Let's Think Differently and drive change together.–



Women are still underrepresented in higher positions in work despite being overrepresented at total levels, 48% vs 65% respectively


Ethnic minorities are on par with national averages but are paid less on average compared to white colleagues at every level


8% of respondents are disabled Compared to 13.5% National Average

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