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At Think Differently we share your goals. We know you want to widen your opportunities and play your part in making Ireland a truly inclusive place. 

With our guidance, your organisation can help pave the way for real, lasting change. We believe that by simply adjusting the approach to recruitment, hiring and training processes, all organisations can play a part in creating a more inclusive workforce. With offering mutual opportunity for clients as well as candidates as our goal, the core of our offering is finding talent that meets your business needs. 

Along with talent, we can also source support for your specific organisation or department needs, for example DEI training through one of our many trusted/accredited partners. We also are introducing several programmes to help promote our industry within wider community groups and we would love to talk to you about these opportunities.

In terms of business success, organisations with inclusive cultures are:



as likely to meet or exceed financial targets
as likely to be high performing


 as likely to be innovative and agile


as likely to achieve better business outcomes

Source: Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion Report 2020 & Deloitte Economic Benefits of Improving Social Inclusion Report.

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